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What's included in The Small House Plan design package
  • exterior elevations
  • foundation details
  • framing details
  • floor plan
  • windows & door schedules
  • size/type kitchen appliances
  • size/type bathroom fixtures
  • 3 R's: ideas to reduce, reuse & recycle for this space 
  • Interior design tips & tricks to make the most of the space in this small house
  • Photo story documenting groundbreaking to completion

The design package consists of two documents: the  floor plan, exterior elevations, foundation and framing details & schedules; and the 62 page Small House Plan Design digital book with explanations for the layout of the rooms, tips & tricks for the overall design of the cottage space, explanation & photo guidance for 3 DIY projects used in The Small House, furniture purchasing suggestions and, a BONUS photo story of the journey from ground breaking to occupancy.


Every well-designed space  - and especially a small one like the garden suite - requires close attention to measurements between items.  Inches, not just feet, are extremely important.  This is also discussed in the package contents, to help ensure that understand the size of a fixture or piece of furniture in relation to the others in close proximity to ensure your guest cottage feels open and light.


A  look inside

The Small House Plan US $99


Garden Suite/Guest Cottage Info

Social Area/Kitchen



The Small House Plan US $99

Private Patio


Depending on jurisdiction, this package for slab-on-grade MAY be sufficient for submission for building department approval.  However, because building codes vary significantly, it is advisable to consult your city building department to confirm or revise the foundation and framing details and insulation requirements included with this package.

You must follow your own municipal, provincial/state building codes and permit requirements.  It is important that the contractor follow the highest standard of quality and quantity in the case of conflicting information.


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